Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe: 5 Amazing Health Benefits

Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe is a delectable, easy, and healthy sandwich that can be made in less than 15 min. This sandwich is a perfect lunch and will leave your taste buds thanking you.

When you are in a good mood and feel like having a sandwich, but all the sandwiches you have ever tried tasted like nothing, this sandwich is for you. This avocado melt sandwich has all the ingredients that make it amazing and delicious.

What Is Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe?

This sandwich is a combination of two elements, namely avocado, and cheese. The two things form an amazing sandwich that you will love.

This sandwich is also avolcanate, which means it combines avocado and canape. Cucumber, lettuce, and tomato are added to enhance the taste of the sandwich, which doesn’t need much improvement.

How To Make Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe?


  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 Avocado 
  • 2 slices Bread
  • 1 slice Cheese
  • 1 leaf Lettuce
  • 1 slice Cucumber
  • 1 tomato slice


Step1. First of all, you need to mash the avocado pulp. To do so, place the bread slices in a bread pan and top them with mashed avocado.

Step2. Spread the mashed avocado on one side of the bread, put cheese slices and then add a tomato slice

Step3. Add the second slice of bread, then spread out the mash on it and again top it with cheese slices and tomato

Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe
Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe

Step4. Place lough lettuce on both sides of the sandwich, wrap it in cling film and refrigerate for 20 mins

Step5. Cut the sandwich into two and put a tomato slice on both sides of the sandwich

Step6. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and keep them with lettuce. Place on top of the sandwich and cut it into two pieces

Step7. Your avocado melt sandwich is ready to serve, and you can also serve it hot or cold.

Nutrition Fact Of Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe

Net carbs9.4 g
Sugar9.4 g
Protein10.0 g
Fats25.1 g

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe

1. Avocado is a major vitamin E and potassium source in your daily diet. This avocado melt sandwich recipe is a great way to include this nutrient-rich food in your diet.

2. Avocado contains about 20% of the fat calories, which is very low compared to other plant fat sources.  Therefore it is also an ideal food for weight loss and health as it helps maintain weight and manage blood pressure and cholesterol.

3. One cup of avocado contains about 200 calories which are very low considering the healthy nature of the fruit.

4. Avocado has high potassium and vitamin E levels, good for the heart and eye health.

5. Avocado has good fiber content, which is very important for good health.  Fiber helps to maintain a good digestive system and prevent diseases.

Is It Good For Children?

This sandwich is good for children as it has all the good things a child should have in their diet. The avocado and cheese give a good amount of vitamins and minerals; the lettuce gives goodness to their eyes, and the avocado used to make sandwiches is low in carb content.

Is It Safe?

This delicious sandwich is safe as it has nothing toxic in it. Therefore, you can serve delicious sandwiches to your family members without worrying about toxic effects.

Is It Good For Pregnant Woman?

This sandwich is good for pregnant women as it has plenty of healthy things in it that are needed by a pregnant woman. The avocado and cheese have plenty of vitamins and minerals essential for the fetus’s development.

How This Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe Is Better Than Other Sandwiches?

This sandwich has more nutrients because it contains avocado, not found in ordinary sandwich recipes. Avocado provides many benefits to health, therefore is a better choice than normal sandwiches. This recipe also has vitamin E, potassium, fiber, and other vitamins.

Can You Melt Avocado?

Yes, you can melt avocado like cheese, and it will not spoil. To melt the avocado, all you need is to put it in a toaster for about 2 mins. The avocado will get all the moisture out of it, and you can easily slice it.

What Is Chicken Avocado Melt Recipe?

It is a warm sandwich of avocado and chicken. This is made by adding two slices of the bread, then spreading it with mashed avocado and placing two chicken slices.

Then you can add cheese slices, tomato slices, and cucumber on top of it to complete the sandwich. The cheese and chicken can be served either hot or cold.

Is It Good For Diabetics?

People with diabetes will appreciate this sandwich as it has almost zero carbs. However, the chicken and avocado can be served hot or cold, so you can consume them before consuming the diary item.

How To Serve Avocado Melt Sandwich Recipe?

This sandwich can be served both hot and cold, and it will taste great in any way you serve it. You can wrap it in foil and eat it as a snack or lunch. Alternatively, you can cut the sandwich into slices and serve it on a plate to form part of your main meal.


The avocado melt sandwich recipe is a good choice if you are looking for something delicious to have for lunch. This sandwich is delicious and will boost your appetite.

The avocado gives the high-fat content needed by the body to fight against diseases. The cheese also contains calcium, proteins, and high amounts of vitamin A which are nutrients that are needed by the body to stay healthy.

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