Chinese Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe: 9 Amazing Health Benefits

Chinese Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe is a quick, easy dessert perfect for any occasion. The best part about this recipe is it takes no time to make and only one ingredient to buy since you’re using a store-bought cake roll dough.

I would recommend using chocolate pudding instead of chocolate cream because it has more flavor and depth. If you don’t have any on hand, use whipped cream or vanilla ice cream instead, they’ll just need to be softened before working with them.

It’s also important to thoroughly and evenly coat the pastries in chocolate because that’s where the texture comes from.

What Is Chinese Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe?

As the name suggests, this is a roll made with chocolate cake, cream, and pastry, with chocolate used to coat the outside. It’s fairly easy to make, and it’s one of those desserts that just about everybody loves. If you’re looking for an easy dessert recipe, this is it!

How Do You Make Chinese Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe?

Start by thawing the pastry out (this should take about 20 minutes). Prepare the pudding according to package instructions and spoon it onto the chocolate cake roll.


  • 1 package chocolate cake roll dough (bite-sized or mini)
  • 1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 1/2 cups chocolate fudge ice cream (or 1 box/package of cream)
  • 2 tbsp. condensed milk
  • 1-gallon chocolate ice cream topping mixed with 2 tbsp. milk or half & half, if you want the shell to be darker when you dip it in the chocolate
  • In a large bowl, combine the melted ice cream and condensed milk.


1. Unroll the pastry sheet, spread a layer of chocolate pudding, and then fold it back up into a roll.

2. Use a serrated knife to slice the roll lengthwise, then slice each half into 1-inch thick slabs.

3. Spread a roughly 1/4 cup of the chocolate ice cream mixture between the slabs, and coat each slab in chocolate evenly.

Chinese Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe
Chinese Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe

4. Roll it up again and place it into one long pan (9×13).

5. Give the roll a quick dip in the chocolate ice cream mixture and then place it into individual bowls. You can do this one by one so as not to mess up your rolling surface, or put all of them in a large bowl and dip them all at once.

6. Once you dip each slice into the chocolate, use a small spoon to press the chocolate into a shell covering the entire portion of the cake roll.

7. Serve & Enjoy!

Perp Time 5min

Ingredients Serve 12

Nutrition Fact Of Chinese Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe

Carbohydrates47 g
Fat8 g
Protein12 g
Fiber1.1 g
sodium190 mg
sugar31.2 g

9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chinese Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe

1. It Prevents Cancer

Eating a Chinese chocolate swiss roll recipe helps prevent the development of cancer cells.

2. It Promotes Weight Loss

It is rich in fiber, which helps you feel more full and makes you less likely to over-indulge in snacks between meals.

3. It Keeps Your Arteries Clear And Clean

Chinese chocolate swiss roll recipe contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood and help clean your arteries from plaque build-up.

4. It Lowers Blood Pressure

Chocolate contains flavonoids that have been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Your blood will flow through your arteries more easily, lowering your overall risk of a heart attack.

5. It Lowers Cholesterol Levels

The antioxidants in chocolate are great for lowering cholesterol levels and keeping it from depositing in the arteries that flow through your heart, helping you prevent cardiovascular disease.

6. It Lowers Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Chocolate contains antioxidants that help prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Thus, it helps keep your brain healthy and helps protect you from cognitive decline.

7. It Keeps Your Blood Perfumed

Chinese chocolate swiss roll recipe is packed with sweet, succulent chocolate flavor, and the high fiber-to-fat ratio helps keep your digestive system running smoothly. This will help to cleanse toxins from the liver and intestines where they can accumulate, a major cause of illness and disease.

8. It Boosts Your Immunity

The cocoa content in chocolate is great for boosting your immune system. It also aids in keeping you virus free and healthy.

9. It Boosts Brainpower

Chocolate increases blood flow to parts of your brain that control concentration and short-term memory, helping you perform at your best throughout the day. The high antioxidants found in chocolate are also great for keeping aging brain tissue young and healthy.

Is It Good For Diabetics?

Yes, this is a delicious way to control your blood sugar levels. The rich taste of chocolate is perfect for satisfying the sweet cravings that can lead to over-eating.

What Is This Recipe Taste Like? 

Chocolate with cream and cake. It’s like eating a dessert version of the Chinese take-out dish.

Making the Chinese chocolate swiss roll recipe is fairly simple, but it does require that you wait while it cools so you can dip it in the chocolate shell, then again top with whipped cream before serving.


Chocolate cake is a great way to get some protein into your diet. It’s chock full of heart-healthy, brain-boosting flavonoids, as well as being a very satisfying meal.

The Chinese chocolate swiss roll recipe is one of our favorite dessert recipes because it combines all of the flavors we associate with Chinese food in one easy bite. The Chinese chocolate swiss roll recipe is tastier than an ordinary version. This is easy and can be easily prepared at home.

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