Does Costco Cake Need To Be Refrigerated?

Does Costco Cake Need To Be Refrigerated? Yes, it does! All cakes need to be refrigerated. That said, Costco has a wide variety of options for you – so if you’re sure that’s what you want, go for it!

Check out your local store to see what they have – and don’t forget to put it in the refrigerator as soon as you get home. You can always order one from Costco if you’d rather have a ready-made cake.

Costco cakes are delicious! If you’re looking for a homemade cake, Costco has them too, but they need to be refrigerated.

Do You Need To Refrigerate Costco Cakes?

As I mentioned above, all Costco cakes need to be refrigerated immediately. If you’re making one yourself, this is just a precaution – but if you’re using a pre-made cake and putting it in the refrigerator right away, it’s a matter of safety.

It’s especially important to refrigerate Costco cakes right after they’re purchased. Think about it – if you don’t care for the cake and return it, the next person who buys a Costco cake will get a stale one.

When Do You Need To Put Costco Cakes In The Fridge?

By the time you get home from the store, you should be able to put that cake in the fridge – but if it was purchased later, it’s important to do so as soon as possible.

For example, if you go out for dinner and buy a cake to take home instead of eating at home, put it in the refrigerator immediately. It can last there for up to two days (if refrigerated).

How Long Are Costco Cakes Good For?

If you purchased a fresh Costco Cake, you could keep it refrigerated for up to two days. If your cake is less than 72 hours old and in the fridge, it’s safe to eat.

If you don’t think you’ll eat the whole thing in two days, consider freezing it. Otherwise, put the remaining portion in a covered container and place it back in the fridge.

What’s The Best Way To Store Costco Cakes?

The best way to store Costco cakes is to ensure they’re put inside an airtight container. To do that, cover it with plastic wrap. If you want to use a cake carrier for the cake, I recommend something other than the cardboard ones that Costco sells – those can get moldy, and your cake won’t taste as good!

Does Costco Sell Ready-Made Cakes?

Yes, Costco sells the same delicious cakes you can order for your party! They’ll be ready to go in pink boxes and have stickers to tell you when they were baked. Could you put them in the refrigerator as soon as you get them home?

How Can You Tell If A Costco Cake Is Going Bad?

Like any cake, you look for changes in the texture. If it looks moldy, smells foul, or has a grey or green color where there shouldn’t be one, it’s time to throw it away.

This is another reason it’s so important to store your cakes immediately – so that you catch a small problem before it becomes something big.

How Long Can Sheet Cake Sit Out?

To answer this question, I recommend you follow the same procedure you’d use for anything else. Sheet cakes can be kept out for up to two hours if it’s unrefrigerated and four if they are.

For a party that lasts longer than that, consider refrigerating the cake once you’ve cut it so it can stay good longer – or cover the rest with plastic wrap and save it to eat later.

Is It Better To Keep Sheet Cake At Room Temperature Or In The Refrigerator?

You want to ensure that your Costco cake always stays cold, so if it’s been out for a while or will be at room temperature for longer than a few hours, put it back in the fridge.

Cover a Costco cake with plastic wrap if you’d like to keep it at room temperature. This will help keep it fresh longer.

What Kind Of Cake Not Need To Be Refrigerated?

There are different types of cakes out there, and yes – this makes a difference in refrigeration.

The best way to check is to look at the ingredients. If the main ingredient is eggs, then it doesn’t require refrigeration. If you see something like butter or sour cream, you’ll want to stick it in the fridge.

Does Costco Cake Need To Be Refrigerated
Does Costco Cake Need To Be Refrigerated

Does Costco Chocolate Cake Need To Be Refrigerated

Yes, plain chocolate cakes should be refrigerated. The same goes for butter cakes, lemon meringue pies, and chocolate cheesecakes.

What Icing Is Used On Costco Cakes?

You’d be surprised at how many different kinds of icing Costco sells, but it’s safe to use whatever kind you like.

You should be safe only when it’s not an all-purpose icing, like the one they sell. Some flavors contain eggs, which are usually not good to put in the fridge.

No matter what type of icing it is – even those without eggs – make sure your cake gets into the fridge immediately after cutting.

How Much Is Coke At Costco?

Costco offers great prices on soda, from Coca-Cola to Pepsi to Dr. Pepper. While the prices vary by store, you can typically find 12-packs for as little as $4.49 and 24-packs for $6.99 and $11.50, respectively

Does Costco Still Make Birthday Cakes?

Yes, Costco still makes birthday cakes – but you’ll want to keep them refrigerated immediately after cutting, so the cake doesn’t get stale.

Costco does not usually carry frozen cake, so if you can’t serve it until your party, the next best thing is to bake a new one (and ensure it’s covered).

How Do You Know If Cake Is Expired?

If your cake doesn’t look or smell right, it’s probably time to throw it out! Most Costco cakes have expiration dates on the package, making it easy to tell when they need to hit the trash.


For a great party without paying a lot, head to Costco – but only if you’re prepared! You know what to buy, how much it costs, and how long it can stay good for.

When in doubt, put it in the refrigerator – and remember that you can make all kinds of cakes at home by following these simple tips!


How Long Can Cake Go Without Being Refrigerated?

Cake can last between 2 and 7 days at room temperature. Cakes not made with eggs can last between 3 and 5 days at room temperature if refrigerated immediately.

Do Cakes From The Bakery Need To Be Refrigerated?

Costco cakes that are purchased from the store need to be refrigerated. Costco cakes that are made in the store do not.
Fresh cakes from Costco bakery should be kept in the refrigerator. Cakes that are packaged can be stored at room temperature for up to two hours if unrefrigerated and between 1-2 days if refrigerated right away after cutting.

What Happens If You Don’t Refrigerate A Cake?

If the cake is still fresh, it will be fine. However, if the cake is stale, spoiled, or moldy, eating it may cause various health problems and is not recommended.

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