Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe: 10 Best Health Benefits

Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe is a very easy and simple gift recipe. It will take you less than an hour to make this season’s special dinner for your family and friends.

Fish fry is a popular appetizer with its crispy bite to the fish, along with the spicy masala powder. Masala powder is made from a blend of fried spices till crisp in ghee or clarified butter, which gives it a nutty taste and spicy properties.

What Is Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe?

Fish fry masala powder recipe is a blend of spices fried in ghee or oil till crisp and then used to season the fish or other items to be fried. The spices are stored in an airtight container and used for multiple batches.

It is hard to get right, but once you get to make it, you can use it for months and be the master of your kitchen. It is one of your friend’s and relatives’ most sought-after gift items since they love to fry things.

How To Make Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe? 

To make a fish fry masala powder recipe, you need a large quantity of regular Ilaichi (cardamom) for the authentic taste. The curry leaves and garam masala are added for seasoning the fish. You can make these powders easily at home.

Pre Time – 10 minutes

Cooking Time – 20 minutes


  • 1/2 kg fresh fish fillets,
  • 3-4 green chilies,
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt,
  • 1 teaspoon oil.
  • 1.5 kg onion,
  • 20-25 curry leaves and mustard & sesame seeds,
  • 7 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter),
  • 1/2 tsp sugar,
  • 2 teaspoon ginger powder,
  • Two cloves and cinnamon stick (optional).


Step 1 – Wash the fish and pat dry. Cut the fillets into small pieces.

Step 2 – Grind ginger, garlic, green chilies, cumin, and peel onions(sprinkle water and grind it well) along with 1/2 glass of water in a grinder/ processor until fine. Add fish pieces and mix them well, then keep aside for 10-15 minutes to marinate the fish.

Step 3 – Remove the fish pieces from the marinade and place them on a flat dish. Add salt, oil, sugar, and Master powder (optional). Mix everything in a flat layer, then leave aside for 5 minutes.

Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe
Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe

Step 4 – Heat butter in a pan or pan over some medium flame. Add mustard seeds and open them when it stumbles. When the mustard seeds become light brown, add curry leaves and spices like turmeric powder, red chilli powder, methi seeds, cumin seeds, and curry leaves. Fry them for a minute.

Step 5 – Now add the onion and mix it well. Fry till it becomes golden brown.

Step 6 – When the color of the onions changes to a golden brown, remove from heat, leave for 5 minutes and cool it down.

Step 7 – After cooling, add fried onion, soaked rice/semolina (optional), garam masala, salt, and oil to the groundfish pieces and mix well.

Step 8 – Now divide the fish pieces into equal portions of around 100g each and form a ball. Repeat the procedure till all the fish pieces are done.

Step 9 – Place these fish balls on a greased plate or tray and leave them for about 15 minutes.

Step 10 – Now roll these balls in the mixture of sugar, pepper, salt, and red chili powder. Make sure that you do not add too much sugar so that the spices stick well to the fish pieces.

Step 11 – Heat a pressure cooker (curry pot) with some oil and fry half of them until it turns golden brown on a low flame.

Step 12 – When they turn golden brown, remove them from heat and drain them on tissue paper to remove extra oil.

Step 13 – Serve hot with tomato kasundi, mint chutney, and raw onion rings.

Nutrition Fact Of Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe

Fat11 g
Carbohydrates12 g
Protein27 g

10 Best Health Benefits Of Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe

1. Fish fry masala powder is a great source of protein.

2. Masala powder in the fish fry recipe reduces stomach acidity, and food remains fresh for a longer time.  

3. Fish fry masala powder helps to detoxify the body and keeps you away from diseases.  

4. It boosts your immunity system, improves digestion, and strengthens the tissues of your body.  

5. The nutrients in the fish fry masala powder keep the nervous system in order and help to overcome fatigue.  

6. The Vitamin B-12 present in fish fry masala powder helps maintain a healthy weight and enhances digestion.    

7. Fish fry recipe contains Vitamin D, which is very important for strong bones, teeth, and the nervous system.  

8. It reduces stress, regulates heartbeat, and protects us from a hormonal imbalance (1).  

9. Fish fry masala powder recipe is a good source of zinc, which supports the immune system and prevents harmful diseases.  

10. It helps treat various health problems like asthma (2).  

Is It Good For Children?

Fish fry masala powder may not be suitable for young kids, but it can be mixed in some basic food items to suit your children’s taste buds. It can be given to kids aged 7 years and above after adjusting the spices according to their taste buds.  Fish fry powder is healthy and nutritious, but it is not good for children under 5 years due to excessive hotness and spices.

Is It Good For Pregnancy?

Pregnant women should avoid fish stocks as they are high in mercury content, harming the developing baby. Fish recipes are recommended only after they have given birth. Fish mixtures with masala powder can be given during pregnancy only if the food is mixed with other healthy oil (coconut, ghee, or almond oil) instead of ghee.

Is It Good For Your Skin And Hair?

The fish fry masala powder recipe is a great source of protein and promotes healthy skin. Traditionally, it is used in hair oil to keep hair smooth and shining. A few drops of this masala can be added to your bath water for a long-lasting glow on your skin. 

Is It Good For Old People?

The protein content in fish fry masala powder is high, which middle-aged and older adults need. It helps to keep their bones strong and also prevents muscle weakness.

How To Serve Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe?

Serve fish fry masala powder as an appetizer with kasundi and chutneys. It goes well with onion rings and pappad. You can also serve it with dal, rice, and roti. The fish fry masala powder recipe is a popular dish to serve the guests.

Can I Freeze Fish Fry Masala Powder Recipe?

Store the fish fry masala powder in a refrigerator in an airtight container for up to a week. However, do not freeze it as it can lose its texture and flavor.  


Fish fry masala is easy to make on your own with just a few ingredients. You don’t need to search for a grocery market to get the masala powder, where you might get fewer fresh ingredients and too many spices. This way, your fish fry will always be fresh and tasty.

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