Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes: 7 Best Health Benefits

Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes is that little dessert that can take your tea-time from “nice” to “amazing.” Gone are the days when you need to go to a bakery and spend money on the one over-priced cookie they have. Here is a recipe for an afternoon’s worth of yummy gluten-free tea sandwiches.

What Are Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes?

Gluten free tea sandwiches recipes are an old English tea-time tradition. It’s a tea where the whole idea is to have a very tasty and satisfying portion of tea sandwiches, served by a person who can also entertain you while you talk about your lives and troubles.

How To Make Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes?

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 – 35 minutes

Serves: 4


  • 1 medium tray
  • 1 medium bowl
  • 1 chopping board


  • 6 slices bread
  • 24 slices cheese
  • 4 eggs
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Butter/ margarine to spread on the bread slices
  • Olive oil to spread on the bread slices


step 1: Clean, wash and dry the ingredients

step 2: Prepare a tray, spread butter or margarine on the slices of bread, and then spread olive oil on them.

Step 3: Place a slice of cheese and then another slice of cheese on top of them. Put two pieces of bread around each cheese layer.

Step 4: Prepare and heat four eggs in different pans (e.g., scrambled, poached, and fried).

Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes
Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes

Step 5: Pour two eggs on the slices of bread, then put a slice of cheese and a piece of bread on top.

Step 6: Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all four breads and eggs are used.

Step 7: Toast the sandwiches in medium-to-high heat.

Step 8: Serve.

Nutrition Fact Of Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes

  • Calories: 139.5
  • Carbohydrates: 6.1 g
  • Sugars: 0.0 g
  • Protein: 8.4 g
  • Fat: 10.6 g
  • Cholesterol: 122 mg

7 Best Health Benefits Of Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes

1. Reducing Your Body Weight

If you make tea-time sandwiches daily, you will likely lose weight. Even though the sandwiches are light and easy to digest, they still keep your appetite in check, which means that you will have less food intake during the day.

The thinner your waistline is, the faster it can reduce your weight. That can prove beneficial in several ways: reducing serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

2. Improving The Texture Of Your Skin

The main reason for this is that most of the sandwiches’ ingredients are either proteins or fats. These food components encourage fat burn while providing your skin with excellent nutrients for health. Milk, eggs, and cheese are among the top choices when referring to dairy products that can be good sources of calcium, which helps in improving your skin health and elasticity.

3. Preventing You From Getting Cancer

The risk of ovarian cancer is usually high in women who don’t have calcium intake. Why is that? Well, it’s because ovaries are the places where estrogen is produced.

Since estrogen can increase the risk of breast cancer, the body can respond by growing breast tissue if there is too much of it. But when a woman has an adequate amount of calcium in her system, that won’t happen.

4. Good For Diabetics

Women with high levels of estrogen produce more; if their body produces too much of it, they can get diabetes. But when the body produces less estrogen and develops the pancreas to take over its functions, they can reduce sugar consumption.

5. Good For Your Heart

Calcium also reduces the chances of a heart attack or an irregular heartbeat. In fact, a study shows that women who consume less calcium are more likely to develop heart attacks than those who consume more calcium. How? It can be linked to the fact that when the body does not have enough calcium, it does not regulate the beat, which increases the chances of getting heart problems.

6. Good For Your Memory

The reduction of the body’s magnesium levels can cause your memory to deteriorate. Well, magnesium is a mineral that one can find in whole grains, nuts, and beans. So, it should go without saying that the more calcium you consume, the better it is for your memory.

7. Prevents Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become weaker and more porous. It develops when the body has too little calcium, which can be related to the fact that it is one of those minerals that our body needs for the muscles and bones to function properly.

Is It Good For Children?

Children indeed need calcium because that helps with the growth and development of bones, teeth, and muscles. It is also the mineral responsible for some proteins’ metabolism.

But if you overdo it with its consumption, there are chances that it will cause health issues like drowsiness, fatigue, and irritability. Therefore, check with your doctor before giving them a calcium-based product to avoid complications. Gluten free tea sandwiches recipes are perfect for a lovely afternoon or weekend lunch at home.

How To Store Gluten Free Tea Sandwiches Recipes?

The best way to store them is in airtight containers in the refrigerator. They can be frozen, and they can be kept there for up to three months. Gluten free tea sandwiches recipes are also a great choice because they don’t need preservatives, so it will be enough for you to freeze them.


Gluten free tea sandwiches recipes are perfect for a healthy vegan snack or lunch. Gluten free tea sandwich recipes is also good to stay fit and healthy, especially with kids. Their energy levels will be high, so gluten free tea sandwiches recipes is a perfect way to improve their concentration and focus.

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