How Long Is Birthday Cake Good For?

How Long Is Birthday Cake Good For? The question is often asked, “how long is birthday cake good for?” And the answer most people give is 3-4 days, depending on the recipe.

The short answer is that birthday cake has no real expiration date.

That’s because the ingredients in birthday cakes are typically mixed at room temperature and then refrigerated. The butter is hard and cold, so there’s less water content.

How Long Does Birthday Cake Last?

As long as this cake has been made according to the manufacturer’s directions, the birthday cake has no real expiration date.  And as you can see from the picture below, it will last up to 4 days after it’s been made.

How Long Does Birthday Cake Last In The Refrigerator?

However, it would be best if you planned to use the cake within 1-3 days. And if you do get around to using it, make sure it’s used by day 3 or 4. Otherwise, the cake will start to dry out and could mold.

Is Cake Still Good After 5 Days?

In theory, the cake could last for weeks in the refrigerator. But it’s better to use up birthday cake within 3 days.  If you’re not going to eat it all at once, freeze a slice or two or make 2-3 smaller cakes.

How To Keep A Birthday Cake Fresh?

You can keep birthday cakes at room temperature for up to 3 days.  But you cannot freeze it. 

How Long Does Homemade Cake Last?

The homemade birthday cake has no significant difference. It will last the same amount of time, 3-4 days.

How Long Is Birthday Cake Good For
How Long Is Birthday Cake Good For

How Long Does Store-Bought Cake Last?

Store-bought birthday cakes will last 2-3 days, depending on how well it was wrapped and the temperature in your home.  If the cake is fully intact, never touched, and the wrapping is still intact, it could last for a day or two longer than that.

Can You Freeze Birthday Cake?

Yes, you can put the birthday cake in the freezer and then defrost it when you need to use it.  But you do have to follow special instructions when freezing a cake.  Do not be tempted to frost until the following day, and do not let it sit at room temperature before serving. 

How Long Do Different Kinds Of Cake Last?

Check out this chart to see how long different types of cake will last.  In my experience, I’ve found that the cake mixes will last the longest in storage. Store-bought cakes are not as firm as homemade and have a shorter shelf life.

How Long Will Cake Last If Refrigerated?

It’s possible that you can keep the cake in the refrigerator for an extra day or two after it’s made. But you should use the cake within 5-7 days of cooling. 

How To Revive A Dry Cake?

You can revive birthday cake that has been in storage for a while and has started to dry out.  If there’s still moisture left in the cake, wrap a large, dry kitchen towel around it.  The towel will soak up any remaining moisture and prevent the cake from drying further.

How To Store Leftover Birthday Cakes?

You can keep leftover birthday cake in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.  It would help if you planned to use the cake within 1-2 days, but it’s still good for up to 5 days after it’s made.  You can freeze a slice or two if you only have one small piece of birthday cake.

How To Tell If Cake Has Gone Bad?

If you find that your birthday cake has gone bad, the most common symptoms are:

The crust is brown and dry.  This indicates the batter has started to spoil and will have an off odor.  The longer it sits before being used, the more likely it is to spoil.

The crust is soft or spongy and moist.  If this happens, it indicates the butter in the cake mix has begun to go rancid. Cakes that are mildewed may also smell musty or moldy.

How Long Can You Keep A Cake In The Fridge Before Decorating?

Once you’ve made the birthday cake, wrap it, and refrigerate it. You should keep it in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours or use it that night.

If you decorate your cake within 24 hours, the frosting could get hard and dry before you can eat the cake.


Of course, you should use a birthday cake by the date given.  If there’s no date on the package, it is best to use it within 3-4 days after mixing. This will help ensure that all of the ingredients in the cake are fresh and of quality.

Also, make sure that you cover your birthday cake with foil or plastic wrap before putting it in the refrigerator. After using the birthday cake for 3-4 days, check for signs of spoilage, such as a dried crust or soft crumb.

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