How Long To Thaw Ice Cream Cake?

How Long To Thaw Ice Cream Cake? This question might pop up in your head after you have purchased an ice cream cake to enjoy this summer. Just in case, here is some helpful information on how long it takes to thaw a cake.

You can freeze the cake for a couple of weeks, but first, make sure you put it in a freezer bag along with heavy pieces of ice or frozen peas to keep it from getting crushed. If you plan to freeze it for longer than two days, make sure to let the ice cream cake thaw in the refrigerator overnight. To completely thaw the cake, it’ll take at least 12 hours or even more on some occasions.

When Should You Take Ice Cream Cake Out Of The Freezer?

Every day it takes a little longer for the ice cream cake to thaw, so you should take it out of the freezer 1-2 hours earlier. It will be good to know that you can refreeze the cake after it has been thawed completely.

Will Ice Cream Cake Melt In The Fridge?

If you don’t want to thaw the ice cream cake for a long time, remove it from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator. Then let it thaw overnight at room temperature. It will still taste good even though it has been defrosted.

Ice cream cake frozen and frozen again will go bad faster than frozen once. It would be best to consider this when you purchase a large amount of ice cream cake with your party.

How Do I Keep My Ice Cream Cake From Melting?

There is a way to keep your ice cream cake from melting. There are plenty of blowers that are made especially for preserving frozen foods.

You can also wrap the ice cream cake in a plastic bag or foil so it won’t get too moist when sitting on your kitchen counter.

If you have planned on taking your frozen cake to a party, you should leave it in the freezer at least 4 hours before you go there. The best way is to place it in the freezer overnight.

Can You Put Candles On An Ice Cream Cake?

Many prefer not to put candles on ice cream cakes because this could cause the cake to melt. You might want to put your cake in the freezer again after it has been lit.

If you are going to freeze the cake again, ensure you have removed the candles. Otherwise, they will melt and stick inside the cake.

What Is An Ice Cream Cake?

When purchasing an ice cream cake, you should know that it is a frozen cake with ice cream in the center, surrounded by layers of sponge cake.

The sponge cake is covered with ice cream and then decorated with frosting or another kind of icing. The cakes in grocery stores are normally much smaller than those you can find at specialty bakeries.

How To Properly Store An Ice Cream Cake

If you are planning to bring the ice cream cake home, you should immediately put it in the freezer. The best place is your freezer or refrigerator, but not the kitchen cabinet.

If you want to freeze a cake covered with whipped cream or meringue, it’s better to place it in an airtight container or wrap it in plastic.

How To Prevent An Ice Cream Cake From Freezing Too Hard

How Long To Thaw Ice Cream Cake
How Long To Thaw Ice Cream Cake

You can prevent the ice cream cake from sticking together by carefully wrapping it in plastic wrap, foil, or freezer bags.

If the ice cream cake is too dry and has been in the freezer for a long time, add some water. If you want to defrost it again quickly, you can put it into the microwave. The best thing is to wait for 20 minutes and then use hot water to remove each layer of ice cream from the crust.

How To Properly Thaw An Ice Cream Cake?

There are two basic ways to thaw an ice cream cake: simply letting it thaw overnight in the refrigerator or the freezer. The other way is to leave it in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours before you unwrap it.

If you attempt to remove the ice cream from an ice cream cake and this does not work, make sure you let the cakes thaw overnight before trying again.

How Long To Thaw Ice Cream Cake Made With Only Ice Cream

The ice cream cake that is only made with vanilla ice cream will thaw more quickly than one that has other flavors. You can expect the ice cream to thaw in 3-4 hours if you leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

How Do You Defrost Cream Cake?

Of course, freezing the cake is only half of the work done. If you want to enjoy this cake, you must also thaw it. There are several ways to defrost cream cake: It is the best and fastest way in the refrigerator.

To defrost an ice cream cake in the refrigerator, it will take at least 6 hours or more. The fastest way is to keep this ice cream cake at room temperature and wait 12 hours.

How Long To Thaw Ice Cream Cake Before Serving?

You can accelerate the thawing process with a little water. You can gently pour boiling water over the ice cream cake to defrost it faster.

To defrost frozen cakes wrapped in plastic or foil, you can put them into warm water for 20 minutes. After completely thawed, you can place them back into the refrigerator to cool down before serving.

Should You Thaw Ice Cream Cake?

Even if some people prefer eating ice cream cake frozen or even straight from the freezer, most people don’t like it.

Many people choose to serve their ice cream cakes at room temperature because they think they taste better.

Ice cream cakes can be thawed in a few hours and placed in the refrigerator to chill. If your cake has been made without gelatin, you can’t refreeze it after it has been thawed.

Methods For Thawing An Ice Cream Cake

1. Thaw from the freezer (6-8 hours)

2. Thaw at Room Temperature (12 hours)

3. Thaw in Refrigerator (~24 hours)

4. Thaw in Microwave – this is the fastest method, but not recommended if you store it again in the refrigerator because some of the water can leak into the cake and cause bacteria growth, which will taste bad.

Will Ice Cream Cake Melt In The Fridge?

Usually, ice cream cakes are frozen especially. The ice cream should be firmly packed into the cake with hard meringue on top. If you don’t wrap your cake well, it will be more likely to melt in the refrigerator.

If you don’t want your ice cream cake to melt and ruin all of your other party food, try to wrap it in foil or plastic between freezing and freezing. If possible, it might be better not to freeze the ice cream as soon as you get home from work.

How Do I Keep My Ice Cream Cake From Melting?

You can prevent ice cream cakes from melting in the refrigerator by keeping them covered in plastic wrap while chilling. If they are frozen inside a cake dish, place them on the side of the refrigerator and not on the door.

How Do You Transport Ice Cream Cake Without Melting It?

Of course, the first good way to keep an ice cream cake is to freeze it immediately. Another good way is to wrap it in plastic wrap and then foil. If you are taking the cake somewhere else and need to put it into your car, it’s better not to put it into a baking tin or container.

Put your ice cream cake into a sturdy box, as this will protect it from being damaged and ensure no water leaks into it while on the road.

How Long To Thaw DQ Ice Cream Cake?

It will take about 1-2 hours if it is frozen at 0 degrees and you plan to serve it immediately. If you want to keep it in the refrigerator overnight, it may take up to 6 hours. If you want to try it the next day, thaw it in your refrigerator for 6-8 hours.

How To Store Ice Cream Cake In Fridge?

If you want to keep an ice cream cake in the refrigerator for a long time, you should wrap it in plastic wrap or place it into a box and store this cake in the refrigerator.

You can place your cake using a baking pan and then put the whole thing into the refrigerator. Remember that using one layer of ice cream is better than two or three layers.

How Long To Thaw Ice Cream Before Serving

It will take about 1-2 hours if it is frozen at 0 degrees and you plan to serve it immediately. If you want to keep it in the refrigerator overnight, it may take up to 6 hours.


Ice cream cakes are delicious treats, but making one might not be easy. If you want to avoid all the stress and worry about whether the cake will melt, you can buy an ice cream cake from your local store. In this way, you will be able to enjoy your favorite ice cream without any problems.

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