Tripleta Sandwich Recipe: 10 Amazing Health Benefits

Tripleta Sandwich Recipe is a sandwich with a filling of tomato, mango, and avocado. tripleta sandwich recipe is easy to make and will fill you up for a good amount of time. Plus, it tastes great! This is a great sandwich that you can make for lunch. It’s easy to make and will fill you up for a good amount of time.

What Is Tripleta Sandwich Recipe?

Tripletas are a popular sandwich in the Dominican Republic. They are made with a type of roll called a “bollo.”

You can find this kind of roll in most supermarkets with a good bakery department. tripleta sandwich recipe is made with wheat flour, milk, butter, and eggs. The result is a very tasty soft roll that is perfect for sandwiches.

How To Make Tripleta Sandwich Recipe?


  • 2 bollos bread rolls
  • 1 tomato
  • 1/4 red onion
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 mango
  • 3-4 slices of ham
  • salt, pepper, garlic powder, and mayonnaise to taste.


Step1. Slice the bolls open and put the bottom close to you.

Step 2. Cut the tomato, onion, mango, and avocados into small cubes. Could you put them in a bowl? Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and mayonnaise to taste.

Step 3. Mix all the ingredients with a spoon until they are well combined.

Tripleta Sandwich Recipe
Tripleta Sandwich Recipe

Step 4. Spread the avocado mixture on both bollos. Place a little ham on top of the avocado.

Step 5. Fold the sides to close and make sure all the filling is inside.

Step 6. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes or until golden brown on top and bottom.

Step 7. Optional. Top with cheese before serving. Enjoy your sandwich!

Nutrition Fact Of Tripleta Sandwich Recipe

Fat39 g
Carbohydrates30 g
Sugar13 g
Protein15 g

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tripleta Sandwich Recipe

1. Prevents Cancer

Tomatoes are an excellent source of both lycopene and Vitamin C. Both have been linked to helping prevent cancer risk.

2. Good For Digestion

Both tomatoes and avocado are good sources of dietary fiber. This is important because it helps your body absorb all the nutrients in the recipe. 

3. Prevents Heart Disease

A diet rich in fruits & vegetables reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure and preventing blood clots, thereby reducing your chances of a heart attack or stroke.

4. Prevents Diabetes

People with diabetes who consume a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, have better control over their blood sugar levels, are more resistant to infection, and are less likely to get sick.

5. Improves Bone Health

As a good source of potassium, avocados help lessen bone loss and prevent Osteoporosis. A potassium deficiency can lead to increased bone loss and contributes to the risk of Osteoporosis as it can interfere with calcium absorption.

6. Prevents Osteoporosis

Besides getting a good amount of potassium from avocados, they also contain a high amount of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is essential for bone health as it helps form and maintains bones. 

7. Helps Control Weight

Avocados are full of good fats (monounsaturated). These fats can help you feel fuller longer and can help you lose weight. 

8. Good For Hair, Skin & Nails

Avocados are very good for your skin. They contain fats that will help your dry skin and make it healthier. 

9 . Prevents Asthma

Vitamin E is essential in maintaining the health of your lungs as it helps combat free radicals from the environment that can damage cells. 

10. Prevents Heartburn

If you have an issue with Heartburn, avocados can help. Avocados are naturally soothing for the stomach and will not irritate the esophagus. They are also full of healthy fats, which can help in preventing Heartburn.

Is It Good For Children?

Yes! Avocados and tomatoes have a good combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. They are very good for growing children as they are helping them grow healthy and strong.

Can You Eat It Every Day?

Yes! Eating fruits & vegetables every day is the best way to maintain your health. A diet rich in fruits & vegetables helps prevent diseases like cancer and heart disease. It’s also great for overall health.

Is It Good For Pregnant Woman?

Yes! It is safe for a pregnant woman to have a triplets sandwich recipe, but only once a week. Avocados are full of folic acid and potassium, which are essential for the proper development of the baby’s heart, brain, and spine.

Can I Freeze Tripleta Sandwich Recipe?

Yes! You can freeze your sandwich for up to a month. Allow the ingredients to come back to room temperature before microwaving; otherwise, your sandwich will taste soggy.

What Is Tripleta Sandwich Puerto Rico Recipe?

The tripleta sandwich Puerto Rico recipe is usually served with oregano, salami, and cheeses. This sandwich is typically found in the Dominican Republic but has spread to neighboring countries such as Puerto Rico.

As mentioned, it’s made with bollo bread which is soft and easy to wrap around the filling. There are many different variations of triplets, depending on what you fill them with.

Pernil Sandwich Puerto Rico Recipe Is Healthy?

The Puerto Rican pernil sandwich recipe is one of the better and healthier versions of this sandwich. It’s very similar to their Dominican cousins.

What makes it different is that it’s smaller and less stuffed with some vegetables, meats, and cheeses. These are also good options for vegetarians who want to enjoy a sandwich but don’t want to use an egg or cheese as an ingredient.


Pernil sandwich Puerto Rico Recipe is now one of the country’s most popular foods and is found in many different restaurants. Food critics think it’s a healthier version because the ingredients are fresh and natural rather than those processed ones you see in some of their cuisines.

Many people consider the pernil sandwich Puerto Rico recipe as one of their favorite foods because it tastes good and because it has so many beneficial qualities.

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