What Is Korean Fish Cake?

What Is Korean Fish Cake? Korean fishcake is very similar to Japanese fishcake, but with a shinier appearance and a tighter texture. These small, round pancakes are made with fish and starch, typically potato or sweet potato.

They’re often braised in soy sauce for 12-24 hours until they swell and the color turns into the perfect pinkish brown. Some even add in vegetables like sweet peppers and onions, as well as other types of vegetables to make it healthier.

What Are Korean Fish Cakes?

The fishcake’s main ingredient is fish. The other ingredients include starch, egg, and seasoning. Fishcake won’t be fishcake without the starch; potato or sweet potato is the most popular starches used in making these.

The addition of eggs makes them moist and helps the binders to stick better. Fishcake also contains seasoning such as salt and pepper for flavor, as well as garlic, green onion, and ginger for a better aroma.

What It Is Made Of And How It Is Made?

Fishcake is made of fish, starch, egg, and other ingredients. Fishcakes are often made from potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Fish is generally used for making fishcakes because it is a common ingredient in Korean cuisine. The other ingredients are usually salt (for seasoning) and pepper.

If the starch is not potato or sweet potato, it cannot be called Korean fishcake either since it won’t have the silky smooth texture of the Japanese counterpart.

What Is Korean Fish Cake
What Is Korean Fish Cake

How Long Do Korean Fish Cakes Last?

These pancakes can be kept for a long time, up to 10 days. The taste will not change even if the fishcake is refrigerated for longer times.

Korean Fish Cake Gluten Free?

Korean fishcakes are gluten-free but they aren’t suitable for those with celiac disease. Most Korean fishcakes are made with starch like potato or sweet potato and the gluten-free brands contain starch that contains wheat, so they can’t be used by celiac disease sufferers.

Korean Fish Cake Street Food

Fishcakes can be found in most of the street vendors’ carts or trucks. The fishcakes are cheap street food and are always sold out quickly.

It is a very popular snack for small children and students because it is affordable and filling. You can easily find fishcakes near schools or parks and you can also find them in convenience stores, supermarkets, or even the local market.

Korean Fish Cake Where To Buy?

You can easily find it at the local market, convenience store, or supermarket. However, you can also buy them online if you want to save some money and if you are living outside Korea.

The best place is the Asian Markets because they are more affordable than some other stores. You can also order from the Korean Fish Cake Online website.

Korean Fish Cake Recipe Market fish cake recipe is a deliciously baked fish cake with a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.


Korean fishcake is a popular and tasty snack. It goes well with rice, kimchi, and other side dishes. However, you can also eat it as a snack because it is so yummy and filling.


What Does Korean Fish Cake Taste Like?

The Korean fish cakes are often accompanied by a roasted soy sauce-flavored marinade. This allows the fishcake to absorb the flavor from the soy sauce. The outside of these pancakes is usually coated in seasoned flour to give it an interesting texture.

Is Korean Fish Cake Healthy?

The fishcake itself is a good source of protein, but it also has carbohydrates. If you are watching your weight, then you should consider counting the calories in the meals and snacks you eat. It is best to consume fishcake with only one or two toppings since it is quite filling on its own.

What Fish Is Fish Cake Made Of?

The fishcake is made of any kind of fish, depending on your taste preference. Some fishcakes use several types of fish and this is a good source of protein for your body.

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